1. How & why did we discover pot? Or did we invent it? What were the initial forms made of?Clay? How did the pot look long time ago?
  2. Can you talk a little bit about the narratives around the title of the potters. Who is/was a Prajapati or Khumbhar? How did these words come to be?
  3. Pot seem to have come with us a long way. It has connected many things. Could you tell few important milestones in it’s journey so far? For eg: The tools, the donkey, the gender and caste aspect? Music and songs
  4. Pot is used a lot in philosophy. Seems like some profound questions are either asked or answered through pot. In Vedanta, Clay and pot example is used many times. Can you talk a little bit about the process of making a pot and the analogies we have in our life? (Beating the clay, baking etc…)
  5. What kind of pots were / are made and what are the stories inscribed on them? Any key iconic stories which are found?
  6. Can you tell us about the project that you did – “Who is the pot?”