1. You seem to be the right person to ask this question. What is the state of design talent in India, leadership level? Good, bad or ugly? Is it quantity or quality?
  2. It is said that “if you are in a traffic, you are the traffic”. I guess you soon understood this at an abstract level and changed gears. Why did you become a design recruiter. What does this person do?
  3. How does your day look like and where do you scout talent from?
  4. Do you believe in referrals? How effective are those in today’s day and age?
  5. What are the top 5 expectations form designers? How valid, logical and rational are those?
  6. What kind of designers companies prefer, a generalist versus specialist?
  7. What are some of the skills you think the design leaders are missing in India? Which they need to develop.
  8. How important it is for you to have a steady source of designers with gender parity?
  9. Whom would you mainly hold responsible for the design talent in India? Design schools or Alumni? Why?
  10. What according to you is the biggest incentive for a designer to be retained in a company? Does being good paymasters retain talent? How critical is money in retaining? How good or bad is it as a culture? How do you ensure 1 out of 5 designer gets hired?