1. You have spoken about this at length in “Movement and Me” podcast by Naatya Mandalam. But just to set the ball rolling, can you start by briefly sharing, how was your passion for theatre + story telling ignited?
  2. Knowledge is explosive. Can’t be contained in walls, books or libraries. How can theatre be used as a tool in teaching a child … complex theories in a fun way? Can share a bit about Dorothy Heathcote’s approach to theatre and education?
  3. I have come across this philosophy time and again. To write, one needs to be curious about 5 things other than writing. What are those 5 things for the playwright and educator in you?
  4. You are now the curriculum head at Shiv Nadar school. What is your view on NEP? – Some say the New Education Policy is a saviour … Others say it is a World Bank agenda to fool liberal minds while promoting foreign universities and privatisation of education …
  5. Two Men on a Tree + Mountain of Bones are important plays. Why have both plays not been performed by the Indian theatre community
  6. I guess after the industrial revolution, education was designed to create obedient, disciplined workers. In recent times, we are seeing some change. How should we spread the message that the future of the economy lies in the creative arts?