1. What according to you is a brand? How has your definition of “Brand” changed over time? You can go philosophical or abstract 🙂
  2. In today’s noisy day and age, what is more powerful “Design” or “Media buying”?
  3. You say, “templates are dead”. Can you elaborate on it please? (How do you ensure brands stand out yet stay consistent? With brands needing to churn huge amount of content how can they scale and seem familiar without Templates? How can design systems be built with out templates. If you can share any latest example?)
  4. In last 15+ years of working with such a wide range of clients, how do you decide a styling for a particular client( especially aesthetics) – This is pointing to your article, “Don’t follow the trend, Don’t reject the trend”
  5. What is the future of Brand in Web3.0? Especially in this creator economy where things will be fragmented and everyone is trying to create their own brand.