1. What is Alag Angle? Why did you start it? What activities do you in it?
  2. Do you have any specific age group? Any selection criteria or any test to ensure you mentor the right mindset children?
  3. Do you guide parents to fist educate them about this school or centre of arts that you have?
  4. In your TedX talk, you started by saying, to understand a painting, you need to know the painter and his world views. Can you elaborate a bit?
  5. How important it is for an artist to play with the medium. Be hands-on. Deal with different kinds of things which are tactile in nature? How do you achieve that at Alag Angle?
  6. Can you talk about other programs and workshops you do for over all development of the child? – Acute Angle, Design Espresso, Makers Adda, Digital Angle etc…?
  7. What is the future of Agal Angle?