1. Tell us about Ownpath. Why did you decide to start it? Is there anything missing in the current educational setup that we need these type of courses?
  2. What are the criteria or conditions for a fellowship?
  3. How do you rate / judge a candidate? Any top deal breakers? How has been your experience of teaching or mentoring graphic designers who want to transition to become a UI/UX or a product designer? IMHO, there are 2 different breed of designer. What is your take?
  4. Can you share your experience while interacting with designers? What is their psychology? Any observations / patterns you have observed?
  5. What according to you are the important considerations which designer are oblivious to? On ground business realities of product development etc.. How do you try an cover them in your program.
  6. You have any statistics about how many designers we have in the country, how many we need? Any split within designers – How many researchers, Motion designers etc…?
  7. Is good design good business? Does design really have competitive advantage?
  8. How do you envision future of India in the context of design? Will we have more design founders?