1. What all is covered into home appliances?
  2. We use physical products day-in and day-out without even noticing it. For eg: Buttons Switches or iron. I am sure you try to make the design invisible, but then how to you leave with a unique experience when it comes to home appliances?
  3. Why is it so important to know the material? What else are important ingredients while designing on a home appliances? From being eco friendly and sustainable or to be malleable or recyclable?
  4. Let’s take an example of washing machine or the microwave that you have made. Can you tell how is it designed and then manufactured? (Followup questions as we deep dive) What tools are used, how do you prototype, how to do you iterate and know it’s good for manufacturing? How useful are 3D printers for bigger appliances? How much automation and how much manual work is involved? What does this timeline look like?
  5. At GDD, you being the Chief Designer still believe in being hands-on practitioner. Why? Is it a demand for industrial design specifically since even Johny Ive at 54 and Dieter Rams till may be a decade ago has been handing materials than just sketching or prototyping?
  6. Why is our government saying, “Make in India”? Do we have the required infrastructure? Any insights you can share of how you helping your counterparts to improve productivity or just design quality and standards produced in India?