1. You’ve penned Mahanirvan at a very young age. Since then the play has acquired cult status. When today’s Satish Alekar looks back at the Satish Alekar of Mahanirvan, what are the good things he sees?
  2. Recently i saw Mahanirvan at Prithvi and you said it’s running for more than 47 years. Most of the artist were not even born. How do you help them visualise what you envisioned?
  3. In the plays authored by you like ‘Mickey and Memsaheb’, ‘Mahanirvan’, ‘Mahapur’ ‘Begum Barve’ and ‘Shanivar-Ravivar’, how do you start? Characters or structure or plot or a deadline?
  4. Which play (not necessarily by Satish Alekar) do you think is most under-rated? … Why so?
  5. What’s the best playwriting advice you’ve ever received?
  6. The Norwegian playwright Jon Fosse says playwriting is the toughest form of writing. Do you agree?
  7. Has Satish Alekar, the playwright, been overshadowed by Satish Alekar, the theatre educator?
  8. Five plays (other than your own) you keep on your bedside table?
  9. You have written a new play? When will it be staged in these strange times that we inhabit?