1. What inspired you to make you rk/rkay? As Saint Ashtavakra said, “Na ye sach na woh sach. Sirf tum hi sach”. At what level did this confront you while writing the story or making the film?
  2. You said ideas don’t make films, stories do. How did you arrive at the final story? Back from “what does it mean to lose one’s reflection” to destiny and free will.
  3. You have the shot break up but leave a lot for exploration to the actors. Why? As Shekhar Suman says, in chaos, we find the truth.
  4. Tell us a bit about the “shot” and visual medium of storytelling. As a writer, do you consciously keep that balance of making the viewer not enter that introspection zone? I wanted to pause and reflect so many times on so many dialogues. (Ashish Avikunthak)
  5. How was the experience of crowdfunding? How much of a hassle or simple was it?
  6. What is the extent of abstraction? Where does absurdity start? Does absurdity end?
  7. What is your definition of a “conflict” (Philosophically)? An inherent conflict is typically one of the axes on which stories are told. Where do you see the source of your inherent conflict?
  8. Do you now have a take on “do we have a freewill?”
  9. Personally, I believe it’s a massive jump up in terms of expressing layers of philosophy, spirituality, and the rebellion from Ankhon Dekhi. Where are all these questions coming from? What’s the future?