1. In most Indian classical art forms, things are communicated in metaphors and one has to decode them based on context. Do you see that happening in Music? What according to you could be the reason for this? Any examples?
  2. In Music, we have manyata. What is this manyata or acceptance as we call it? Can it be systematically studied as a research subject? Since I suspect Kumarji never accepted the way things were.
  3. If we consider Hindustani classical music to be all about improvisation and very personal exploration – What could be possible ideas or interventions by curious minds to build a hypothesis? How can one pick anything as a research subject?
  4. What can other research projects being undertaken in the context of Hindustani music?
  5. Can you tell us about your journey in the quest to know Kumar Gandharva. Any insights you have discovered about the legend?