1. What is Readings in the shed? How has the journey been so far? From living rooms to various sheds. Why are you doing it?
  2. Can you share few highlights about the sessions you have conducted so far? Any particular which you remember vividly?
  3. Which format is closer to this format – Abhivachan, Katha-kathan or a baithak? Do this form of baithak happen for English or other languages? Does this sort of reading happen in other countries?
  4. You mentioned in your website, “text travels”. Can you explain this in detail? In this modern day and age with internet or like the dohas of Tukaram and Kabir
  5. What makes collective reading experience different? What vibe does it create?
  6. You say, “We choose the text keeping in mind its relevance in today’s India.”… Can you talk a little bit about deciding a theme for the session? Curating guests, reaching out to people? How extensive is your own research?
  7. As the saying goes, “Reading a book is having a dialogue with the writer”. You taking it further with a commentary by the reader. Does it change the dynamics?
  8. After looking at few recordings on youtube, I often wonder how enriching these sessions must have been. The project is niche. What keeps you motivated and keep doing it?
  9. What is the future of Readings in the Shed? What do you seek? How do you envision this in the post pandemic world?
  10. Whats coming up? Any links we can share with our listeners and what to look for in those recordings?