So the way I have structured this episode is, Prem is going to do most of the talking from here on and I am going to probably nudge with few questions. The basic premise is simple, all the questions will be seen through a lens of a zen doctrine, “When you don’t know zen, rivers are rivers and mountains are mountains. When you are learning zen, rivers and not rivers and mountains are not mountains. When you have learned zen, rivers and rivers and mountains are mountains.” For simplicity, let’s call it 1, 2, and 3 stages of life. I also call in Thesis, antithesis, synthesis, So Prem,

  • What is your definition of education? How has it changed over the last 30-40 years?
  • Referring back to the introduction, I spoke about edifice. Do you see any relation between the etymology of the words, Education and Architecture?
  • What is the link between being civil and being educated?
  • In the current pedagogical system, what is your argument? How much theory versus how much practical?
  • What is the long term future of education in India?