This episode is brought to you by MUBI, a curated streaming service showing exceptional films from around the globe. Get a whole month free! – at MUBI showcases a wide range of iconic Satyajit Ray films! Ray, is also our topic of discussion today, but not as a filmmaker but as a Graphic Designer.

  • A brief intro about Ray’s breadth and depth of work w.r.t Graphic Design. How he designed type from cassette to film hoardings.
  • Satyajit Da’s contribution to the Indian landscape of graphic design. Which patterns/styles became famous after he did it?
  • Can you talk about “Agantuk” or also called “The stranger” poster (which is also available o MUBI). I guess it was inspired by the straight lines of the Bauhaus movement.
  • Tell us a bit about, where was Ray’s inspiration from? Kolkatta is social and has been chaotic for a long time, where and how did minimalism seep in, that, it started reflecting in his work?
  • Can you tell me, which were the top 3 characteristics of his work? For eg: usage of white space, usage of lines and grids, color palette, attention to detail, etc…
  • Did his usage of graphics/illustrations change after the wave of cheap printing techniques and papers started flowing the market?
  • Satyajit had made 3 fonts also as a type designer. A bit more about that?
  • What would you tell students of Graphic Design or illustration to learn from Satyajit Ray? What aspect should be ignored from his work?