1. According to BV Doshi, cement is just another material. It depends on how we use it. What’s wrong with cement?
  2. What’s so beautiful about mud as a material? It gives a lot of warmth. What’s the extent to which Mud as a material can be exploited? Can we build a skyscraper with mud?
  3. In UI design, we have an atomic theory for building design systems. In your case, is brick the foundation block? How do you build foundations?
  4. At Wallmakers, how do you ensure Mud is sturdy and stable? How do you ensure that waste doesn’t spoil the architecture in a long run? Tell us a little bit about Debris Wall and Shuttered Debris Wall.
  5. “Sustainable” is now an overused term. It loses its actual meaning over time. While you have been practicing it pretty religiously / judiciously. What does it mean to you? What is truly sustainable?
  6. When we are focused on a particular agenda/approach, we tend to have less focus on other dynamics. For eg: If everything is about sustainability, What about architecture that invests in creating space for conversations? (Like Correa) – How do you balance them in your work?
  7. What is the long-term future of housing, shelter, and security according to you? (Do you see any flip side to the name “Wallmakers”?)