1. Observation is one essential quality in a designer that needs to develop – Why? How does this observation help? In your article you mentioned, that self-taught Architects like Le Corbusier and Tadao Ando traveled for more than a year before they started their practice.
  2. How can the art of seeing or observing be developed? How do you educate what to see when people see what they want to see? Can you give an example of your work where you demonstrated what you observed and implemented?
  3. As BV Doshi says, “Are you seeing things as you see, or are you seeing something more than what it is there?” How can one go beyond the apparent?
  4. On one side, we have “Design is in the details”, on the other, “always design by knowing the larger context of the chair”. How can one manage it? How did Charles Correa manage to zoom in and zoom out so effortlessly?
  5. What tip would you give students while they work on Charles Correa Memorial? How would you judge a good proposal? Any learnings about life or architecture that you can share while working with Charles Correa?