1. What is Atelier Prati? Why did you form it?
  2. Can you give us a little history of printing in India? We have a narrative of print being mightier, why?
  3. What was the need while India had a lot of oral tradition to transfer knowledge? Even paper came to India after 12 centuries when it was first made in the 3rd century in China – Why so late?
  4. In which parts of India did printing start first? Any famous printmakers in India (past and present)?
  5. What is Printmaking for a layman in this world of digital prints or not even printing often 🙂 ? What are different ways print can be made? From Lithography to Linocut… Can you share a few techniques?
  6. What are the extents of what a manual print-making process can do? How complex or simple prints can be made? What was it mainly used for back then?
  7. Do you have any reference points for us to visualize the state of printmaking in India versus other parts of the world? Both as art form and media?
  8. What’s the future of print. I see paper, ink, and oil struggling to survive. Atelier Prati is one hope, who else and how can we educate and sustain?