1. What’s you definition of patience and art? How do you see them both in the kind of art you produce?
  2. What’s miniature art? Why was it called limning? Can you share any brief history of it’s origin and travel? Why was it done, when was it first thought of etc…? Where do you see it in India?
  3. Can you give us a peek into the mythology and folklore associated with this art form?
  4. I started of with the microcosm and macrocosm. It seems like in miniature art you try fit in the universe. What excites you about this form? What’s so special about Miniature art? Why do people predominantly draw portraits? Even your work is mostly portraits? What is the creative satisfaction in doing it?
  5. How mini can a miniature painting be? What are typically the subjects? How important is the subject? What surfaces are suitable for this form of art?
  6. With digital age and technology, what are the new challenges for miniature artists (at least in your kind of work). Can artists zoom 20x and achieve the desired output? What is the future of miniature art?