1. I would like to start with a very meta question since you have faced diverse users at scale. What does design mean to you and how has it changed overtime. Especially after HHT and looking at rural India?
  2. What is Happy Horizons? Why is it a trust?
  3. What made you think of building Happy Horizons? Why in rural India?
  4. Tell us about the real India which is far from 10 minutes delivery startups?
  5. Can you share few details of the initiatives within HH, like Project Jagriti or Jigyasa and few others? What is READY program? (Rethinking Education and Development of Youth program)
  6. A lot of stress is given on “activity” at HHT. You also speak about Entity Theorists (ET) and Incremental Theorist (IT). Please tell us more about it.
  7. Go wide, think big and lateral and then converge. Get uncomfortably narrow for focus and scope. This is a classic thought from design thinking or systems thinking. How do you implement in education and other projects done by HHT?
  8. What are the big challenges you face in running this? Government support, teachers, parents not sending children to schools or simply the infrastructure to run it?
  9. I am not going to ask “how do you make time for this”, I understand it’s about priority in your life. So what are the top 3 priorities for HH and why? How do you see them actioned in the coning time?
  10. One last personal question. Your investment or engagement seem to be for a different India with soochak, HHT and other initiatives. What does your designer within tell you and keep you motivated with these projects?