1. Broad
    1. What is Generative art/design? Because these days, Generative AI is a buzzword, how different or similar it is?
    2. How and where do you classify your style of work? Which genre, or category does it belong? Your work seems to be abstract.
    3. Can you help us understand the landscape of this kind of work by comparing it with the West or the rest of the world? Artists, markets, etc…? – Just a sneak-peak
    4. As per the starting quote, what principles or prompts do you use to curate or self-critique your work? (Apart from looking good and feeling nice – usually any artwork is judged)
  2. Work
    1. What do you do exactly? How do you make your art? How do you know the artwork is finished?
    2. Your work illustrates a lot of chaos, lines, and abstract forms – Do they emerge organically due to the medium and means or do you have something in mind before you start? How do you bring order to the chaos?
    3. (Little technical) Which software and consoles do you use? Which are the applications commonly used for this kind of work?
    4. How do you start an artwork?
  3. Philosophy
    1. What is the story behind Kala?
    2. What makes you interested in Music and Design also? Do you see a common underlying thread?
    3. What makes you say that tomorrow is made of art?
    4. Why do you think, Kala is black?
    5. What’s the future of art? Generative art according to you? What do you think we can see as artwork in 2050 or 2100 🙂