1. You have published 50 books of poems. How do you select these poets?
  2. Kudos and Congratulations about Witness … Blockbuster project … Can you give some idea bout the process and details of publishing a book on poems. Challenges you faced and how you overcome them?
  3. Tips for a young publisher? … From knowing what is ISBN to learning Adobe InDesign to spending day at Avantika Press and the two Pandeys …
  4. In design we aspire to reach design that is invisible – It exists, but it is so well designed that is it natural and intuitive. Similarly, what is your process while editing a poem, how do you balance the poet’s expression and yet keeping it relatable to the reader.
  5. What goes between you and the poet while editing. You can pick one of the poets or a book to explain us
  6. Poetry seems to be a very personal use of language for the poet (and the reader)? What is your process of translation, how do you maintain the language for the reader. for eg: “Selected Poems Sananta Tanty” who passed away recently and you were very close to the Sahitya Akademi award winning poet …
  7. From Namrata Pathak’s “That’s How Mirai Eats a Pomegranate” to Robin S Ngangom’s “The desire of roots” to Abhimanyu … can you tell us about the poets one can read and may be a little bit about them and why to read them?
  8. What is happening with Dibyajyoti Sarma the poet and writer?
  9. Red River’s plan for 2022? Will you have a book stall at the World Book Fair in Delhi?