1. How do you define your work? How does your research and insights help organisations?
  2. Your articles reflect Real India. Be it “India ❤️s F.D and they need a digital makeover!” or “better user accounts for Indian families”. Please tell us a bit about the India you are exploring?
  3. We spoke about “India needs bottom up designing” and gone are the days of making “Uber for India” or “Airbnb for India” – Can you share few Indian startups who are solving Indian problems in unique way?
  4. How are these organisations finding these problems to solve. From founders talking to users Whatsapp or making communities (Even we have at Jupiter)?
  5. According to you, which domains in India need bottoms-up thinking and why?
  6. What will it take to have this mindset in Indian startups?
  7. Can we conclude with a quick overview of “design principles for next billion” from a researcher’s lens.
  8. What is “Thousand faces club”?