1. How do you define a well? We have these huge reservoirs in Rajasthan? Are those well or does a well need to have source / spring water?
  2. Importance of well since early civilisation? Can you share a bit more about the irony of we worshipping rivers but having well in every house. Why don’t / didn’t we worship wells?
  3. What all different types of well do we have in India? w.r.t water and structure?
  4. How were wells designed back then? What has changed since then?
  5. How did the Mannu Vaddars knew where to dig? Please tell us about this community of Mannu Vaddars who use to design wells in earlier times?
  6. A brief idea about “Is using ground water practice, mainly used in India or other parts of the world also?”
  7. You gave a brilliant analogy of wells being used as a straw to suck groundwater for personal use in individual houses. Can you share some brief history about it? Any pros and cons of this system?
  8. Irrigation seems to be the main reason for grown water depletion. But we have been an agriculture civilisation for many years. What changed and when?
  9. What system can be designed in the current time to maintain ground water levels for India?