1. We’ll start by one of your earlier interviews, you said “minimalism helps in finding freedom” can you please elaborate and talk about the colors you use and the style of your work?
  2. You also mentioned “My art is a reflection of the grey areas.” Can you tell us how do you arrive at it a particular artwork / illustration? I am love with the Cow Raj, artwork
  3. You are inspired by Ambedkar, Phule and more… Seems to be very particular trait that they were reformers but never considered by media to be leftist yet stood for freedom. How do you read them because your work also doesn’t seem overtly leftist.
  4. Is art connected to politics? If yes, How so? In your mind what is the purpose of your art other than a dialogue and some underlying message?
  5. What does it take to critique establishment through art in the current time with there is so much information asymmetry? Research or rebel? What according to you is dissent and how do you channelise it through art? Where and how do you draw borders?
  6. Bonus question – Tell us a bit about Kausalya Baisantri and the Mahad Satyagraha