Today I have Chirodeep Chaudhuri with us on Audiogyan. In the last 2 decades, he has worn multiple hats, from being an author, a journalist to being a photographer. Chirodeep’s work largely documents the urban landscape and he has often been referred to as the “chronicler of Bombay”. During his career, he has produced diverse documents of his home city in a range of projects documenting its architectural and social landscape. I stumbled upon him and his work first at the Join Paperplanes session In Mumbai. We will try and document Chirodeep’s philosophy and the importance of having a story behind every photograph.

Stories behind photographs with Chirodeep Chaudhuri


  • What aspect of a photograph do you think one needs to observe while following a particular photographer to understand his or her thought process? How do you perceive a photograph without any context?
  • In one of your interviews, you have given a tip “understand why you are shooting”. Does it always have to be like that? Sometimes you shoot and then build a story. I am asking this because, I want to understand the story behind, Bombay Clock project?
  • So now let’s pick, “The imperial towers” – How does the story begin in your head, do stories retro-fit after shooting or you see it evolving naturally?
  • Your projects have taken their own time. What’s your definition of “patience”? Where and how does it translate into your work?
  • With 3 camera’s on the phone, Instagram world, where do you see the future of photography? I am sure you are giving thought to it often…