1. What is censorship in the context of films? Why do establishments feel the need of banning or censorship?
  2. When and why did it start? What’s Hays Code and what were the few important milestones in the evolution of censorship? May be just in the Indian context?
  3. Can you tell us if there is any official framework or guidelines for censorship in India? If yes, what are those guidelines?
  4. Who made these? When and why were these made? How objective are these?
  5. I guess, rules in censorship should be treated like Smrutis. They should change with time. Whats the challenge today?
  6. You strongly believe in that nothing should be censored. How do you justify it?
  7. Whats the difference between banning and censorship? What are your thoughts on banning?
  8. We as creators believe, movies are powerful, it can change narratives – so establishment will always interfere – What can be done as creators and also audience?
  9. Many people like Gorge Carlin challenged the establishments and boldly used “Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television”. We have many such examples. In my conversation with Varun Grover, even he mentioned that an artist never know the line until he/she crosses it. How can we see a society that allows these line to be crossed. Who can cross these lines? Is this a right question?
  10. What according to you is the future of censorship in India till we have authoritarian regimes. How do you see censorship in a realistic world? Is there a utopian world in film making?