1. How long have you been in design? What made you switch from print to digital medium? You officially did a course for it despite NID. Can you please share, why? – in the context of so many self taught designers are entering this space. How do you define, UI / UX / Product Designer?
  2. When was the first time you hired a designer?
  3. What is your hiring process from identifying a candidate to actually rolling out an offer? Referrals?
  4. What do you look in a portfolio?
  5. Do you think in this day and age, design leaders have to be brand themselves to attract young designers?
  6. How important is stability of designers in a company? When, according to you is the right time to switch? Do you hire designers who have jumped too many jobs?
  7. How important do you think diversity is in a design team? Is it a conscious effort or you find right balance of talent organically.
  8. What are your 2 biggest challenges while hiring designers? Why?
  9. What according to you are aspirations of young and fellow designers?
  10. You have done an amazing job of making a very technical product look and feel interesting. Any comments for young designers who are starting fresh – on the lines of design is about solving problems….