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Welcome! Audiogyan is a collections of conversations with luminaries of the Indian creative world.

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Kedar brings out the value

I have been listening to Audiogyan for sometime now and loved every single episodes of this podcast. Kedar brings out the best insights on design and related topics I enjoy listening to while I commute to my office. I highly recommend design enthuisiasts to check Kedar's work.

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Great Insights

A first of its kind in indian podcast scene , audiogyan provides great insight into design field across india , which is otherwise a hard to find topic discussed in mainstream indian media. Looking forward to listening to future podcasts.

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What a gem of a podcast! I stumbled upon it while looking for something on Carnatic music, and now as I am looking at the range of topics I conclude that I’ve discovered my new go-to podcast. Thank you for putting it together!

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Kedar Nimkar.
Product Designer and the host of Audiogyan

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Kedar Nimkar

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